Born on 4th February 1960. Ordained Priest on 29th September, 1985. Appointed Apostolic Administrator on 19th November, 1998. Episcopal Ordination on 23rd February, 2003.

Auxiliary Bishop: Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Benjamin Phiri, JCD


Bishop’s Address

Box, 510203, Chipata

Tell: (+260) 216 221375



Historical notes

The boundaries of the Diocese are identical with the boundaries of the Eastern Province of Zambia, comprising all its nine Districts namely Chipata, Chadiza, Chama, Katete, Petauke, Lundazi, Nyimba and Mambwe. Originally, from 1903, it was part of the Vicariate Apostolic of Nyasa which comprised the whole North and East of Zambia together with Malawi. The first mission station on the border of Malawi/Zambia at Kachebere was opened in 1903. Separation in 1913 of the Nyasa Vicariate from the Bangueolo Vicariate favoured a speedier development of the present Chipata Diocese. Lundazi and Chama Districts still belonged then tot the Bungueolo Vicariate. Mphangwe Mission opened in 1914 but no longer existing in that same locality was the first Mission of the present Chipata Diocese. Minga, opened in 1923, followed next. Then the creation in 1937 of the Prefecture of Fort Jameson, separated from the Nyasa Vicariate and with the whole territory as at present (Lundazi and Chama included), put the Diocese on the road of an independent and autonomous development. In May 1953 the Prefecture was raised to the status of an Apostolic Vicariate and on 25th April, 1959 it became a Diocese. Its original name, Fort Jameson, was changed to Chipata after the independence of Zambia.


Diocesan Curia and Administration

Box, 510124, Chipata

Tell: (+260) 216 221375


Fr. Jacob Zulu                                           Bishop’s Secretary

Fr. Richard Chiyanjano Phiri                Treasurer General

Fr. Wilfred Bwezani Phiri                      Pastorial Coordinator


PMS Director                                          Fr. Mathias Potani Banda

Chipata Caritas                                       Fr. Denis Punthambuyo Phiri

Educational Secretary                           Mr. Tobias Mvula

Health Coordinator                               Fr. Peter Sam Phiri

Home Based Care                                  Sr. Anastazia Wangu

Communications Director                   Fr. Jacob Zulu

Radio Maria Director                            Fr. Bernard Kaluba Zulu

Diocesan Book Center Coordinator   Sr. Daines Mwila Sokoni, Ts

Kolbe Press Coordinator                      Sr. Angela Phiri

Eastern Star Magazine                         Fr. Jacob Zulu

Diocesan Vocations Promoter            Fr. Felix C. Phiri

Pastoral Commissions and Desks

Biblical Commission Coordinator      Fr. Jacob Zulu

Catechetical Commission                     Fr. Lazarous Nyirenda


Lithurgical Commission                       Fr. Lawrence Kumanda Sakala

Youth Ministry                                       Fr. Abraham Mshanga

Women’s Desk                                        Sr. Roze Mbewe

Children’s Desk                                      Sr. Victoria Mwanza


Chikungu Patoral and catechetical    Fr. Lazarous Nyirenda

Training Center Director

St. Eugene University                            Fr. Manoj

Human and Spiritual                            Sr. Ruth Nyalazi

Development Center

Mphangwe Prayer Center Director   Fr. Luigi Fratus

St. Mary’s Junior Seminary,               Fr. Osric Banda


Chikowa Youth Development            Br. Francisco



Deanery                                                  Parishes

Chadiza                                                   Chadiza, Vubwi, Mpezeni Sub and Msupazi

Chipata                                                   St. Anne’s, Mchini, Mary Mother of God, St. Anthony and St. Mathias Mulumba

Katete                                                     Katete, Chikungu and Chassa

Petauke                                                  Petauke, Minga, Nyimba, Mbwindi and Ukwimi

Lundazi                                                  Lundazi, Chama, Lumezi, Lumimba, Mwase-Lundazi, Chikwa sub and Kanyanga

Kalichelo                                                Kalichelo, Chikowa and Kokwe