How long does the Youth Desk exists?

“The Youth Desk exists for fifteen years now.”

Can you tell me something more about the Youth Desk?

“We have the Youth Alive Chipata. That deals with the young who are in schools and we help these youths with school materials. For example, we will buy uniforms and books for them. Even do if we have enough we help them to pay the school fees. In the province here we help around the 600 children.

We help primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. When we have the funds we go to the schools. With the help of Youth Alive Chipata we can help children at schools. They will get the information of the head teachers of the children who are vulnerable. When we get the information, we ask what they need. They give us the information, like what the need for school materials or school fees.”

How many people are working for the Youth Desk?

“In this team are working with ten to fifteen people.”


Father Abraham

How long are you working for the Youth Desk?

“For me I was brought in the office in 2013, December. So I am here for almost one year and four months.”

What do you like about working for the Youth Desk?

“When it comes to evangelisation of God. We know the area very good, so we know where we need to go to help others. What interest me much is that I know that the children are ready to work with the church and me. It gives me encourage to be close to them. The church is in the hands of the youth. For the society and the church the youth is an important connection. Without the youth the church can not survive, youths are the leaders of tomorrow.”