How long does the Children’s Desk exists?

“The Children’s Desk is been existing for ten years now.”

Can you tell me something more about the Children’s Desk?

“The Children’s Desk does a lot of different things for the children around here. The mean goal is to be in charge and co-ordinator all children activities in the diocese. For example, the Children’s Desk makes sure that children have their own mass in parishes and participate fully liturgical celebrations at different levels.

Besides that, we want to make sure that the children are happy and enjoy the rights they have. We have to make sure that all parishes celebrate Epiphany well (which is the feast for the children). We are in head of those programs so we are sure that they have activities for the children. That are activities like Bible preaching. We want them to know about God. They brought up nicely; they know who is God in their lives.

We also have other activities, just to have fun with the children. For example, pillow fighting. And we want to develop project proposals for children activities and to support orphans and vulnerable.”

How many people are working for the Children’s Desk?

“The people working in this office are myself and the secretary. She helps me with different things to type and the dates for the kids. Besides that, there is my coordinator to help me.”


Sister Victoria Mwanza

How long are you working for the Children’s Desk?

“I just got transferred to the Diocese of Chipata. On this desk now I am working for a couple of months, I started last February.”

What do you like about working for the Children’s Desk?

“Since I have been for a short time, that is hard to say. At the moment I don’t like much of it, because I have to learn everything first. I am just new and never been in the office before. I am very much interested in praying with the kids and the fun of being close to the kids. When I am with the kids, I become a kid. I pray with them very nice and in many ways. That brought me to this office, but I like to be around the kids. Besides that, I like that every kid is getting to know his or her own rights. Everyone has their rights around here.”