How long does the Education Desk exists?

“I would say more then fifteen years now.”

Can you tell me something more about the Education Desk?

“Our main job is to overlook that the schools in this area are running well. For example, the infrastructure element of the schools needs to be build good up. Some of them are quit old and others are new.

I go to all schools in this area to see what the children expects from us, what the parents expects of us, what the school expect from us and what we expect from all of them. I go to classes myself to see how the teachers teach the children and how they prepared the lessons. I can advise them when something needs to be improved or tell them when they are doing something good with the children. We have a quit of lot of work here in the Education Desk.

We start at the nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. In total there are 33 schools we look after. When I go to the schools I first talk to the head teachers and the head of administration, other teachers, parents and then the children. After that we come together and talk a little bit more, so I can say the things I can help them with and what needs to be improved. For example, if in one class children are not passing well in one particularly class, there needs to be changed something. There are so much more things that have influence on the results of the children. In the morning the children go to school and in the afternoon they have to study on their own at school. There is a possibility that parents would say ‘No, you went to school this morning, you have to work this afternoon’. The child will not have the same results as the other children who have studied in the afternoon.”

How many people are working for the Education Desk?

“I am working on my own at this desk.”


Father Tobias Mvula

How long are you working for the Education Desk?

“This is my third year now.”

What do you like about working for the Education Desk?

“What I like about working for this desk is that I am helping my church. I know that when I am helping the church I know that the church is also helping me to build my faith. What I tell the parents, teachers and children is that they are also helping me to build up my faith.”