How long does Kolbe Press exists?

“It was established in 1991.”

Can you tell me something more about Kolbe Press?

“As a catholic institution our aim is to evangelise through media. For example, parishes bring their prayer books and we print it for them. Currently we are working on the reprinting of the older roman missal of the mass in our language, Chichewa’s. We want to come with one order of mass in Chichewa’s. After it is printed, I think many other parishes are coming to here to get the book.

Mainly we do the printing, but we also make cards for Christmas, Easter and for the parishes. We do all kinds of things for the people of Chipata, not only making wedding- or birth cards. For the government institutions, like hospitals, we make receive books.

Sometimes people can bring in their old Bibles and we renew them for free. This is our way to help to evangelise and the church will grows.”

How many people are working for Kolbe Press?

“In all we are with eight. Three Sisters, a coordinator, a manager, an accountant and three women helping us with printing.”


Sister Angela Phiri

How long are you working for Kolbe Press?

“I have been here since Oktober 2013, so this is my second year here.”

What do you like about working for Kolbe Press?

“The most I like about working here is ever since I came here I have learned a lot about printing. For example, you print an interesting book, you can read it and I learn of that book. I have just developed a love of printing and having it in your hands and on paper. Besides that, I like graphics. When people come in with something and then I can play with making designs. I also really like making cards; I make sure that when I make a card for people, they leave with a happy feeling. Most of the time I am in the office and not on the working table, but when I am free I come here to make cards.”